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Labelle Brune: Really no Asian languages? Wtf do Japanese or Korean!

OMysticO: Where are some good countries/places for Canadian to go abroad with one of the goals of meeting people?

Shubh Butani: Hahaha Love it Love it! I so enjoy these videos.but mostly the idea of getting myself one of those. Papis!

Ahmad Karim: Israeli woman i think me likey

Rob Bleeker: Some of these weren't even languages, just different accents of English.

Dracul4u: She was mean to those two first guys. She took offense to their approach when she didn't even hear what they had to say yet.

Seleee 99: Russian in the 6ix

Eleni GR: It's better to be honest with one's feelings, rather than put on a front.

Gabrielle P: I'm howwwling, omg

Torontopia: Yeah,she is so adorable

Genavieve C: I'm amazed by the brazillian women, she got so many right omg

Flip Inheck: I wanna follow that greek girl (whose shoulders are like dwight howard's and who has a big mouth on instagram. She is fucking cool. Somebody tell me the link to her account.

Annamei Chan: So the moral of the story is that Filipino women raised in a Filipino household are better then ungrateful obese selfish entitled Western women

Meagain2222: And yes, we're good in bed! ;)

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Guys In Chains Ass Pounding Cumming
IgnisCarn: Video: you know you are dating a Romanian guy when. please!

Regina Matz: Suggestion: Ukrainian, Portuguese and southern English women.

Bridgit: The constipated look on this woman's face is so typical of most Russians. I find that such a turn off. Can you imagine wanting to date a woman who's so miserable inside that they can't even smile when they open the door ?

Sister Mortis: A lot of Americans should move to Europe.

Coco Leon: I thought hockey was popular in Russia. Maybe that's just Canada. So I'm surprised she'd confuse the Superbowl with the Standly Cup, lol.

Smingmachine: Please do a you know you are dating an Aussie girl when.

Emma Brown: Like dating a hooker !

Joana Pinto: Wesh il faut un gars qui parle comme kaaris

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