Masseuse Can Not Stay Away From His Butt - Can Massage Damage Nerves?

It was my first day in Thailand and I had spent the entire day exploring Bangkok with a friend. We were drained and in desperate need of some relaxation....

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I don't need to be micromanaged, but I do need you to communicate with me! Chris November 17, at My wife and I live in downtown Vancouver, Canada. Most nerves, most of the time, can be firmly squeezed without producing any symptoms whatsoever. But most of all- please, dear god, please don't be stinky.

It was a little bit more expensive that others THB but totally worth it! Dave November 4, at 7:

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You might run into me on Facebook or Twitter. It would have been a different story. If you massage these locations with reasonable caution, you might feel electrical , zappy , funny-bone-esque pains, but you will feel them before there is any actual danger. But shit happen and go with the flow and walk out and forget about the money only few dollars. Its not only Nigerian men that are very dirty, black men in general have very poor hygiene , they can't shave their armpit, they can't bathe , the can't even brush their teeth.

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Masseuse Calls Out...
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Masseuse Can Not Stay Away From His Butt

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I did it to someone just once in ten years working as a professional massage therapist — I tell the story below. One thing that helps sometimes when my neck pain gets excruciating is to really dig my fingers hard into a couple of muscle knots in the back of the neck not right on the spine but off to each side, below the occipitals , or to use a Thera Cane to do the same thing.

Is there any chance of causing nerve damage from so much pressure? If you are even slightly cautious, it is nearly impossible to damage your nerves with self-massage , because:. The larger nerves and nerve roots — the only nerves of any concern — are mostly shielded by skin, fat, muscle, and bone. The only prominent nerves in the back of the neck are the nerve roots, the bundles of nerve tissue that emerge from between each pair of vertebrae.

But these are under at least a half inch of sturdy musculature, the meaty paraspinal muscles.

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