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Nair Vanessa: The Iran one was so completely off, from the background music to the accent, to what he was saying. It was all wrong, except the part about the BMW. Persians love their BMWs.

Daniel V.: I hope there is a next video for the sexist language instead of accent


Fani Samlidou: At the end of the video she spoke in Russian

Laura Nwogu: This looks like Montreal.

YingYang: Everything is true. my friend from calento is exactly like this. food, love, sex and passion. the rest fuck it

Roro Jamil: Of course no one found Czech sexy. Not even us Czechs find our language sexy.

Ivana Kadic: Dating chinese men please

Squidware: This is all true ahahaha, dating in Canada sucks. Toronto especially because most of the girls are super feminists and it's a bit annoying. The whole 'what's your background shit is also spot on, but it's actually really cool because everyone is from different places and makes for great conversation topics.

Pixlz_ATK: Like it a lot ragazzi

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And with his attractiveness, and good clothes and thin on the lookout for - why would anyone be suspicious.

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Im not growing to present away any more of that nonfiction, as it was such an attractive express, I yen you all to keep on and comprehend it seeking yourselves.

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AN Feuerstahl: I am italian and. that's me :P :D

Folken1761: Be convinced by money. But again I can help myself to thinking Russian

Thuthuka Qoza: She just wants to know your qualifications income.

Viliam BeЕ€a: the guy managed to get the girl if her and her friend said that they were together in order to reject the guy's approach? xP

Ulises Garcia: I'm french and I didn't even recognise it when she spoke

Valentine: Heineken? huh. don't think so. They just drink belgian beer over there.

Sergio Luiz: Nice. I wonder when and how you're gonna get the Mexican male. Mmm best thing would probably be to go to Mexico. or actually you live in Toronto area, so you should find some there.there are probably a few thousand over a few more as tourists or visitors.

NIRVANICA: That's not quite exactly what I was thinking but I guess coffee is still a plant sooo.

Infinite Joy: If there's a Turkish man on the first date, he could be compatriot with him. :D :D

Traplord: Ma spaghetti e tagliatelle uno dietro l'altro?

Tampatec: Everything is spot on (honesty, rarity of complements etc.)at least in my experience with my bf but he is still the best.

Jessi Lane: Ladyboy just bcse he is vegetarian.LOL

Coolboy 0424: Hmm. what else. those seem to be the most glaring things you come to find when dating a Danish woman.

Blue TeaTree: Nice, come to my channel wait or not to wait?!

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