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When I ask my girlfriends about their firsts , sexually speaking, like me they remember. Oh, those tweener years; stolen glances led...

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Has anyone ever successfully downgraded a serious partner to a FWB?

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Getting Felt Up

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Should I talk to my ex? Or is it a bad time?

Hacci Vino: I love the Yorkshire and Liverpool one!

Adrian Garcia: This is so sad and disgusting, hahahaha, you're a loser.

Naty Vilorio: Goa is spiritual. really!

Mann_r41: As a Russian girl, I see immediately what exactly she does the wrong way :D

C North: How a a comparison of Spanish woman to Latin American woman?

Mad Dusa: I am from germany and personally think it is okay for partners in a relationship to meet other people . If they are honest and open about it! And then you can't call it cheating anymore because you have the other persons consent

Steven003: The girl who spoke polish totally butchered it. It's not her first language

Lanka Fan: I loveeee this channel so much!

Jose Bello: I love Italian women. But most of them came or were in the North. I wonder how different it is different from the center (Rome, etc. and the South.

Seb9995: If you really fall in love with her.well man.its a time to find a better job

Goldenicedtea: I have some pulsating vibes that there will be Jewish jokes.


Bitter Teen: Benditas sean las Filipinas.

Ned Flanders: For the reasons why Canadian guys don't approach quickly: see video on Canadian women.

MrUrchu: Oh my god this describes my boyfriend soooo well! But I'm part Trinidadian so our cultures aren't too far off. Both Carribean. We understand the same things hahaha

Odila Gee: The girl with the french man was mean.

Andreshadow2: Its awsome! Im brazilian and very nice see how people few about we speaking portuguese.

J Baldarrago: Wait so she wants no say so in where they go? You figure it out? What woman leaves the choice completely up to the guy? I took a woman to a party once instead of a restaurant and she wasn't to happy about that. They did have food at the party.

Aoifewest: I could never date an Asian

Lilian Lilly: Not exactly. we smile out of politeness in belgium too.

King Auto: HOLA, QUE PASA?

Nakic Avdic: Please do a Arab woman version

Ronimau Santi: Hahahaha. Russian women are the hottest.

Tchikedy: Bas bien sur on est les plus belles !

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Cozbinaer utilized a magical gas to conceal herself alive.

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  2. If you think babies are gross, well, not going to argue with you there, feel however you like.

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Getting Felt Up Escondido singles!

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The first time I got felt up, well, that's a stunning yarn. When I was ten, my parents took me to a breast surgeon fearing that I had breast cancer. Raunchy...