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A painting by Italian master, Sebastiano Ricci, long presumed to be lost, has turned up in Texas after a year journey from the hands of a European...

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Almighty: I'm from Norway, and people usually ask me about blond hair too. And butter. Like, is there any norwegians who didn't get a question about it?

Payam Heihati: Maybe the most accurate one I have seen yet, and seriously.don't keep one waiting.

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David Ong: I was stationed there in the 90's and yeah, this is pretty spot on

Jota Sega: I played along I did horribly.

Illidan333: This is so true! I've been living in the States for a while and dating here drives me nuts! At first I thought there was something wrong with me but then I figured out that my dating style, culturally, is completely different to how Americans date. To each their own, but I miss European mentality, I'm moving back to Europe next year and looking forward to getting my dating life back! lol

Paco MT: So where do I go if I am danish guy and actually like to date the way I am not suppose to?

Armando Marino Creamy Solo

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Amineko Stone: I'm Japanese, so I can relate to 80 of what he did lol

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Hans Loggan: Do A GREEK MAN video! AND SPAIN DATING Man AND Woman, *my family's from Spain and Cuba but I'd LOVE to see it from your YKYD video Perspective!

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Niidea1986: No clue why some guys are into Russian women

Ju Acacio: Loool the first is absolutely. Not true Loool

Ambronka: Sorry for the super late upload today! I was shooting the whole day in Paris for YKYD French woman and had to go to Lille (hours out of Paris but missed my bus. This was followed by a series of misfortunes where I thought I would get stranded in the middle of Paris.

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