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RaT_Ttat: Lol, dated a Brazilian so I can contest it is all true

Psychoaiko666: If my boyfriend pays for me all the time he will be broke in no time

Menta TГіxica: Omg is the girl a real greek ? she talks very clear!


Judy Stone: Women speak without context lmao

Caino 05: So true in all the ways. Russians and Ukrainians have been the best couples that I had. So elegant and sophisticated. How not to love them. :)

Tim Perry: Can smell money that's miles away, or underground

WhizzNick: You can't talk about sexiest slavic language without sLOVEnian that literaly has LOVE in its name. I am dissapointed. Disslike :D

Anita Warren: That video about the Chinese women was accurate, but you forgot to mention that most of them really care for their partners and do everything to meet their needs.miss it. From Germany

Gil Bone: Well, this sure is a way to put us Dutch gents on the map. Inaccurately, that is.

Im Vegan: She reminds me of Emily Bett Rickards

Ahmad Ehab: My wife is Mexican and everything in this video is so true ! Viva Mexico Monterrey y viva Francia.


IzzyRose Xx: For me (as a woman it also depends on how much the other persons earns. When I was a student and dated other students, we shared. But when you get a bit older, your date is f.e. rather succesful in his job, I'd expect him to pay.

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Youtube Peoria dating!

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Is rejecting people because they have an illness ok?

Stella Greek: That was fun.

Irina Sophia: I think i have to find a portuguese women . . . like right noW

Amber M: I personally get so mad if a man tries to play this daddy game. Maybe it's the reason of my devotion to german men : They respect boundaries

Troubauk: Why not asian languages :(

So VyPiiR: You forgot to add the converting to Islam if you marry the daughter

Perry Dubbzz: I physically hate the fucking germans

Bianca *-*: LOL! He's got rhythm.

Paczterrr: Complaining about your job/your ex/your life/everything in general.

Swedish Girl: Well, I'm not writing this because I'm offended or anything, but the polish flag in a video is incorrect. The one present there is the flag of the polish navy, the correct one consist of a red stripe on bottom and a white one on top, without the polish emblem on it.

An Ostrich: This Brazilian steriothipe is gross. Women are not like this bcause of their nationality, of course there are some cultural differences but to be Brazilian doesn't define this specific behavior.

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A bliss old harry named Lady Madori keeps an look at on him.

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