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African Barebackers Ass Drilling Each Other Bunny Pablo: Yeaah, use photos where the slim girls are in ordinary clothes and the curvy girls are in skin tight, sexy clothes. Perfect representation. smh. Still a good video overall though.

Why Not: Not all Nigeria men are very religions,but we all love to turn to some higher power at serious times of need(so we pray alot,and we pray over the tiniest stuff)

Arnautovic9: Nigerian accent sounds like mr Grey would actually have quite some difficulties dominating a Nigerian woman! ^^p

Kaviena Waltz: Slovak is the sexiest Slavic language but of course it's not here because it would blow their socks off

FabioA.: Hahaha my god I've watched all the videos and the English woman is by far the worst.

Nelson Dangui: Pointing with your mouth probably came from the Spanish. We do the same all over Latin America.

Smart Halayla: Drink a lot. check. Resting bitch face. check. Always pay. check. Reserved. check. Love pickles. check. AND, I'm Caribbean.

AK Smith: That's why you must be more than suspicious when a russian girl declare that she doesn't like russian men ;)

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Becca Jeffrey: Money will walk away

Sahra Soso: Run my friend RUUUN!

Taiwo YEMZ: The thing about contact is very true. Being very close when talking to someone and casually/friendly touching is not a European/dutch thing at all.

EvilIntention: Btw what most foreigners don't know about french people, is that we also learn a third language (ex: chinese, spanish, german. and many people also practice latin and greek ancient and sometimes a fourth language (russian, italian,portugese.)

Olivia Loleta: Scottish, belgian and irish men and women next please

Munna T: When french, korean and romanian came in that order. being a romanian living in France and addicted to kpop, I was in heaven!

Geovana: Can you do Ecuadorian Women?

Sharon Bhosle: Hahahaha this is awesome and im Greek!

Joshua Tyler: Biases, stereotypes and misconceptions once more. conveyed by italians. cool!

Saher Sameer: You know she ain't Russian if she doesn't know hockey.

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  1. it's funny that alot of people don't suspect lies even know it MAY be true but still

  2. It is the same principle, and it has always baffled me that certain groups of people think the way they do about circumcision

  3. Fantastic points. I can't think of a thing to add as you covered it outstandingly.

  4. when i saw the title the first thing went to my head was this scene from scott pilgrim vs. the world:

  5. I think another would challenge would be financial status as well. At not only her age but, with her parental situation, etc.

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