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The Origin and History of Gayville Hall and the building and town which house it.

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  • The town of Gayville was established ten miles east of the Dakota territorial capital, Yankton, . She had...
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Gayville SD Middle Eastern Single Men

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He booked the Belbas Theatre at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls for both Friday and Saturday, September 21 and 22, , and generated at lot of publicity for the event, including the cover story in the weekly Tempest tabloid in Sioux Falls.

The second largest crowd, about , occurred the second time that Gayville Hall presented "A Celebration of Chester Olsen," in April of Jason is a true innovative composer and arranger who constantly pushes the limits, and his mastery of playing two guitars at once is a real show stopper. In , Wakonda filmmaker Doug Sharples -- out of curiosity and at his wife Judi's suggestion -- drove to Gayville to observe the auction of the building, which had been owned by a deceased friend, Yvonne Thistle, for a number of years.

Competition from nearby Yankton and a new convenience store on the highway had made the closing inevitable, but the Sharpleses now had an empty store in need of a new tenant or purpose. Tallahassee hookup

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