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One of the weirdest sounding sexual paraphilias that I have come across is gastergastrizophilia in which individuals allegedly derive sexual pleasure and arousal from bellypunching. The lengthiest article on that...

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Gut Punching Fetish

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The article claims that: Welcome to my blog! BUT and this is the other side of the coin I do get to punch other women and that also gives me a buzz — it turns me on. Often fetishists desire her to receive blows to the lower stomach specifically; other times, to the upper stomach. I also came across some Japanese anime that featured sexual bellypunching along with anecdotal evidence that bellypunching is part of Japanese sexual culture.

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Another contributor to the debate on whether sexual bellypunching should have its own Wikipedia entry shares my own view on this topic and stated:. The article claims that:. However, the original author of the page countered by saying:. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer drmarkgriffiths Just another WordPress.

Comments were also made along the lines that Wikipedia does not need to have a separate page for every single obscure fetish. I managed to collect a few first-hand accounts of sexual bellypunching such as those at the online at the Dark Fetish website. Welcome to my blog!

This is a vast essay thanks representing sharing that instructive information. The operating organization interface gives considerable importance www connectivity to secure access to e mail and sites as a replacement for sharing videosphotos.

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