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Eric Pryor is one of those guys who just came out of nowhere. One day I got an email from someone I know telling me I...

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Eric Pryor is one of those guys who just came out of nowhere. One day I got an email from someone I know telling me I had to get this guy on my site. I got in touch with him and had him come in. The body on this guy is really nice. He spends a lot of time playing sports and it shows. I love watching him jerk his cock because he treats it with a delicate sensuality that I'm just not used to seeing. Everyone has their own style.

Some guys get right to business and work it for all it's worth, some jerk up and down with a lot of speed and twisting of the wrist. Then there are those who take the time to slide their fingers over every ridge and around the head driving them totally wild. Eric gets this great look of determination on his face, like he's got to use just the right moves, the right speed and the the right mental attitude to get the best climax possible and he will settle for nothing less.

He lets his other hand roam around his b! Then every once in a while he switches hands just to keep everything moving along. My favorite part is when he's on the stairs and he shows off his beautiful ass, which almost pulsates as he works that dick of his.

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E ric Pryor plays with his nipples, fucks a fleshjack and rams a finger up his horny hole. All in all a damn good show. Nicco Sky and Eric Pryor pleasing turns fucking each other delightful and hard in this concupiscent flip fuck scene.

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Eric Pryor -March 31
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And when he's made all the right movies, he shoots a nice load all over his lightly hairy chest. When Eric Pryor comes home to find his boyfriend Nicco Sky asleep he can't help but have a little wi.

Eric did an awesome job of taking all of Jackson's monster cock all the way down his throat and as much as Jackson loved it he had no idea what was to come.

Instead, they invited Eric back to Caleb's house for an all hallows' eve orgy. Ashton is so into Eric's dick but he can't wait any longer and dives into his ass with his wild tongue actions.

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Eric Pryor is a straight power bottom that takes a hard pounding from gay 4 pay hunk Max London. Eric Pryor is one of those guys who just came out of nowhere.

Mouths and lips nibbled and licked their way down his body and eventually found their way around his huge rock hard dick. Live Girls Live Guys. Eric Pryor and Reese Rideout go from watching a movie to making a movie.

And knowing how amazingly talented Eric's ass is I'm sure he loved the attention it was getting. He licks and rims Eric's sexy ass knowing it won't be long before he can ram his rock hard cock deep inside. This power bottom takes each of their dicks one by one. Taking both of their cocks in his hand Eric stroked them like they were one, really showing off how hot the contrast of their skin tone was. Text, Lies and Video pt. Still, in the few moments of clarity through the sexual haze of this hardcore gang bang he couldn't shake that there was something not quite right.

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Eric Pryor Randy Blue

Id requirement ready that the ball rolling game. So who were the those four dudes in the trailer permanent behind him in the trailer, you authority be reasonable, doubtlessly Im prosperous to tear a strip off you.

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