Gay Sim Dating Game - Dream Daddy: how the gay dad dating sim became a hit game of the summer

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Zhade Cox: I'd say a few things this guy has going for him is the Spanish language and his ability at a cold approach. He's not very good otherwise. The girls will give out numbers but that doesn't mean they will call or answer your call. They also lie about where they need to be instead of just saying no.

Draylax: Not true at all

Dydy Deedee: Why is the upper half of her head attached to her body and why isn't she farting on everything?

John Richard: Wtf ? I'm French and I didn't even understand when she spoke in French

Valentine: This is far from reality

Meso Anto: Made one video for the Bulgarian girl and man , please ! :)

Miss Leuders: Now we kiss is like border line sexual harassment.

Victor Luigi: Can you make some video from Asia? maybe 'you know dating Indonesian woman when. .Thanks, i like your channel

Slynrus: The dude kissing the blonde looks like wilmer valderrama

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Gay Sim Dating Game

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A visual novel and dating sim game that features gay romance packed with beautiful CGs, music, voice acting and massage theme! Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games.

Pillow case We already inform you about this one, and we're still collecting the choices through the survey on previous posts, please check! Comments Only backers can post comments. School-based fighting Yuri RPG game with monster girls! After stories episodes for Seiyuu Danshi episodes are obtained by becoming a Patreon. Through conversation, dialogue choices and mini-games, you will try to impress those dads until they like you enough to take it to the next level although there is nothing more explicit than the implication of sex and the occasional glimpse of boxer briefs.

Sober up with an uncomfortable conversation and a cigarette. Can I just say this is one of the best Kickstarter campaigns I have joined yet! I just want to thank you so much for making such an amazing looking game.

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Moularry King: You know you are dating a Greek woman when her family turns out to be bankrupt. Lol

Salar Rafiee: Thanks so much for the shout out, that was awesome!

The Admiral: The Trinidadian guy is the only one who has any taste in this bunch.

TheSBled: My favorite Spanish acccents are from Colombia and Spain.

Insane EJ: I'm a Indian girl n I totally loved it. :D

Amalie Wk: Most that i know will kick the living bloody sweet omg potatoe fresh salty green . crap of the person if they think they are dumb or typical or stereot. *ERROR*

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