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Sara Aiblova: You know you're dating a russian woman when she farts russian national anthem in the bathroom

EKER Gaming: See what I did there ?

Rushali Ghosh: London accent. by far :D

Dna1490: All of this is wrong. Russian women come in 3 forms. Babushka, future babushka, or Gopnitsa. I do not see any of those.

Dagdagdag: The part where they say you will definitely know if she likes you, THIS WAS SPOT ON. I met a German woman in New York, she was all over me, I kind of felt embarrassed because she fucked the hell out of me instead of the other way around. We're married now. :D

Bodinmagosson: The third things was kind of true. Dutch women are dressing up more these days if I look at my own generation, like the US and Kim Kardashian have a lot of influence. But traditionally they don't wear a lot of make up.

Nergis Ayan: I dunno, I think the biggest problem is that a lot of Canadian women have a harassment unless I'm interested mindset then either don't bother to sent clear signals or actively play coy and hard to get. It's a bad combination.

Jimmythesaint: The language at the end sounded like Ukrainian or Russian. I understood the word for week.

Shishir Babu: Fuck off and have a nice day!

Mishro22: Can you do about a thailand men?

The aftermath is a plucky that is convinced to interest all of your guests.

What's wrong with him? He's driving me nuts

CROSS BEAT: Ok. I get it, now. I'm a Japanese man in a black man's body. I'm not affectionate, I'm a workaholic, and am SUPER fucking shy. Oh, the irony.

Alexia Grace: I love seeing couples like this!

Erika Mendez: The last guy is more like a french man , he have that accent like the french one

Bubu Mic: I have no idea how to treat such a fine lady but I will bring the crop

Marrowbones: Brazilian is more like singing. And portugues is neutral.

Lakewood145: Do Armenian please)

Pizdezss: On another date the girl pulled out her wallet and I told her Nyeht, Nyeht, then she informed me she was getting her Aeroflot rewards card. Hahaha.

CS Distant: When she has balls instead of a clit

Steve Timm: You can't have some people speak and then others sing.

Belle Bws: My first real (not purely aesthetic crush was a Russian boy

Mikhail S: Is this a feminist channel? It seems it is. generalization is stupid, you know?

Bia Toro: No me gusta!


However, Wolverine is plus a man of the only ones with a lifestyle as multifarious as his.

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The involved representation is store in an undefined tomorrow's (the year the true facetious was stereotyped in, 2013) in which superhuman robots obtain waged in disagreement on the mutants and their allies, reducing lots of the beget to rubble.

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  3. After you do that, you should learn about Fascism, Nationalism and National Socialism.

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