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UK Hot Jocks released a new solo video tonight featuring a sexy Arab hunk jerking his fat cock. Although he currently lives in Manchester England, he...

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K777angel: Oh my GOD I laughed so hard I think my neighbors are gonna beat me up! XD

Kharagnful: Fucking maple leafs. And the Habs.

Alondra A.: This is exactly why I have not dated a Canadian woman in twenty years. sorry ladies. Great for friends, but not for lovers. :)

TriumphKerins: When she calls you a rapist and you are sent to jail because Israel is fucked up for men

Freedom: Time for a what's it like to date a Croatian guy/girl

Imaginingall: Make a video for Colombian men!

Loving Food: Im a european and the difference has been apparent to me since I can remember hearing those languages. Its seems like confusing spanish with english to me.

Lil Jelica 13: That german guy is really cute!

Ana Matos: I've dated Russian women and I still do, made my mistakes and paid my dues. I can confirm the veracity of this video. And yes, they are number one!

Fatso 6: When she tears up your photo of the Dalai llama, calls Taiwan part of China and thinks Tiananmen square was only a peaceful protest.

Kimberly H: If only more russian girls were in texas

Nantia X: Also. Still waiting for polish man/woman :P

Stasya Leto: LIAAAAARS! She is NOT colombian and there aren't any real characteristics or behaviours of colombians girls : I feel sorry for the audience, and it proves the unprofessionalism of your channel

Nadia Faruk: As a Romanian woman I feel this video doesn't do enough justice to Romanian women .they forgot to say how passionate , independent and hot tempered we are.we are also very smart we constantly looking to improve our CV and have high studies.we also like to take care of our men when they are sick or they need something , we are gelous , overprotective and willing to fight for them

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