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To add this video to your own website, please add the following embed code: Doctor Austin Wolf examines butt of hunky patient Brendan Phillips. Football stud Brendan Phillips is on the examination table, ready for his routine physical. When the examination moves down south, Brendan can't suppress his excitement, and his dick leaps to attention at Doctor Austin Wolf's touch. A caress of Brendan's meaty, stiff dong leads to fevered kissing, and then Doctor Wolf proceeds to inspect Brendan's hole with his tongue.

Holding his legs up in the air, Brendan moans with pleasure as Doctor Wolf probes Brendan's prostate with his finger. To examine how deep Brendan can take it, Doctor Wolf grabs a thick metal probe and uses it to stimulate the patient's prostate. After Doctor Wolf unveils his wide, throbbing penis, Brendan eagerly gives him a wet, vigorous oral sex. Brendan then bends over, giving the doctor full access to his firm, furry booty.

Doctor Wolf thrusts deep and reaches around to stroke Brendan's penis. Flipping over on his back, Brendan strokes himself off, blasting fat ropes of white jizz across his washboard abs. Doctor Wolf releases his load right on Brendan's furry hole, and says 'I'll need to see you for a follow up'.

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Mario gets his cock sucked while Maverick gets his dick stroked by Dr TopandBottom. Two juicy twinks caresses and touch bodies before skilled doctor man at medical cabinet. The doc now knows his therapy works. Mario Maverick is being fucked in his ass on the examination table by his doctor and then Mario and his buddy sit on the exam table and cum. Doctor Brandon Stone seduces his patient Skylar Grey so he can get his cock sucked and fuck him in the ass.

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Sexy Doctor Strokes Hunk Patients Cock Off

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