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Giasemi 26: Lets not make it general, not all brazilian woman or men are like its shown on those videos. But, indeed, its pretty funny 'cause its mostly true KKKKKKKK

Noah Nobody: My sexiest Lang is Turkish

Wave Trader: Why would you bring that on to yourself?

VinГ­cius P.M: I see all these comments of girls complaining that guys should always pay for the first date . Unless you're planning on putting 50/50 in, dont expect someone to do everything for you just because you have a pussy. If you want complete equality, don't expect the man to pay for you .

Rex Dalmatiam: For me red flags: rudeness I don't feel the chemistry

LKILLZONEl: OMG! He would drive me insane, Hate Scheludes

Coat Hanger: Where is Africa ?

Ace Thebest: I'm Asian from Spore my gf is Mexican. I love her allot

Lena Gu: Eligieron al peor chileno de la vida para que hablara. Hablaba demasiado amariconado el wn. En resumen: un saco de weas.

Ock0305w: I live very close to Ru but we ain't used to that lvl of traditionality anymore i think

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Am i normal? or too skinny?

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Dirty Straight Twink Gets Rappers Facial
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Theres some validity no matter how Ill employ manage lecture on theory until I look into it...

L.A RAMS4EVER: It depends on the exact person, not on nation. I'm from Russia and can say that this video is really ridiculous.


Isabella Nom: So lucky the guy who played as rooster.

Uwe Voigt: My favorite part about the comments on video's like these is that people seem to be both shocked and disturbed that the country they are visiting isn't exactly like home , the world would be a boring place if everything and everyone was the same.

Harry Vernon: The prettiest girl was the one on the right in the first frame

Snowidog: Since kebabs were mentioned in this video, I think a video on dating turkish women might be a nice transition :)

UNKNOWN: He obviously does not consider her as a lover-type. I don't.

Ann Lee: You pissed away your most precious years as a female. The consequences of that will be more then you can bear.

Meload Lyra: When she WANT a bear pet instead of a Dog

Isaiah Valdez: As far as I can tell from the comments, Turkish guys complain about Turkish girls but the non-Turkish guys are happy!

Lil Jelica 13: Not alot of women go for looks there are alot of sexy women that are with ugly dudes

Thalia Hatzi: Bro most of the people on that city don't believe themselves to be Spanish

MrRaqal: Song name at the start?

Mica Angela: When I imagine an Russian I imagine an guy driving an tank with an bear on the mg with vodka and them screaming CHEEKI BREEKI

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