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The closest options are olfactophilia or osmophilia, which are fetishes for odours emanating from the body, maschalagnia, a fetish for armpits, or...

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Salirophilia is a progenitive fetish or paraphilia that involves deriving erotic pleasure from soiling or disheveling the object of one's desire, routinely an attractive joker. It may catch up in tearing or damaging their clothing, covering them in gombo or filth, or messing their plaits or makeup. The fetish does not involve harming or injuring the impose on, only their hint.

It is interrelated to wet and messy fetishism Particularly, bukkake ejaculating semen on someone Air force, cum shot Prohibited, gokkun drinking semen of someone Promote, facial , omorashi preventing urination Promote, mysophilia ex.

Salirophilia also extends to other areas such as forcing the partner to harass torn or amateurishly fitting clothing and other actions which would render them normally unattractive. The fetish sometimes manifests itself in the defacing of statues or pictures of attractive people, abnormally celebrities or mythical characters. It is common to refer to the style involving ejaculating on a photo as "facepainting".

This may be done with a physical photograph or the hide of a phone, tablet, or computer. The fetishist finds this sexually far-out, rather than stark vandalism and they sometimes form collections of defaced talent, either created aside themselves or in collaboration with others, for future diversion.

A video of the fetishist ejaculating on a represent of someone or a photo depicting the result is known colloquially as a "tribute". The term comes from the French by reason of soiling, salir.

A fetish for baths or showers that usually centers around a naked person lathering themselves up.

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