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Horny Guy Nude In Public
Travis Krause: The only decent girl that had insightful opinions was the only one with a guy.

Hero Acer: Ukranian girls even more primitive and old fashion, i force my self to degradation to be liked by locals.

Princess Leia: Now I remember why I stopped watching your videos, all these people seem horrible. Honestly according to your vids the world is full of lunatics and unpleasant people.

SAPTARSHI Roy: Women are hypocrites and men reinforce stupid stereotypes. Ladies equality applies all the time, not just when you want it to. Gentlemen, you take care of your date by treating her with respect and consideration not by paying for everything!

Aiko FV: I'm from Canada and I remember getting stumped when someone from Europe asked me what was the distinctive Canadian dish and I couldn't answer. Somehow I couldn't think of pemican, so the next time someone asked me that question I was ready with steamed beaver tails wrapped in maple leaves.

S Goyal: Parents: what is the point of doing a fun job

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Deborah Abib: Where do you get all these people?

Brisa Salvas: Seeing how other Germans in the comments seem to agree I must have been living under a rock my whole life! I and many other women I know are absolutey nothing like this lady haha. This is probably the result of growing up in this generation where we have access to the internet and hence chances to grow up learning about other cultures. I have a lot of American and Canadian friends, maybe that's why :)

Mirko Djuric: Oh gosh, if a woman would talk to and constantly interrupt me, she would not have a chance.

Rokkero564: TFW you've spent so much time studying for your Linguistics exam that you only got one wrong because you said the last one was Igbo.

Mugh Hungus: Very similar to egyptians

TheBot997: Costa Rica guy didn't have much of an accent but wow ;o. and I liked the Irish accent too!

Fil Piovano: But still it can ve very sexy.

Hou Ouss: Yeah. this one made me uncomfortable to.

Do I really gotta like sport stuff?

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How do you overcome social anxiety?

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Once I started, the words came pouring out.

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  2. I love this video, make it as tumblery as possible, just to annoy as many right wing snowflakes as possible.

  3. Well, thats why god invented abortions! Anyway, great video, good mix of lol with informativeness. =

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