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His service in Iraq and Afghanistan , and subsequent death, were the subject of national attention. Tillman joined the Army...

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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. One of the biggest contradictions in America is the fact that, while we're happy to talk about supporting our troops, we vanish like we just remembered that we left our house on fire as soon as they have an uncomfortable problem. And there's perhaps no issue that makes us more uncomfortable than the sexual assault of men in the military.

Rape is an awkward enough topic as it is, let alone when it happens to men we picture as muscular heroes willing to take a bullet for us -- every societal stereotype comes crashing down at once.

But that's part of why military rape keeps happening. So we talked to five male veterans about their experiences.

In war movies, American soldiers usually look like somethings who spend all of their downtime at the gym. Paramount Pictures "Bro, do you even airlift? Marine Corps It's a lot harder to look like the movies when someone isn't buffing up your shoulders in post.

Zoroastrianism used to be one of the biggest religions in the world, but their idea of heaven had a slight twist on it: Once again, we have been used as props in a Pentagon public relations exercise. Jones reported that members of Tillman's unit burned his body armor and uniform in an apparent attempt to hide the fact that he was killed by friendly fire. Wouldn't that technically be gay rooster? An investigation by the U.

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