Dont Lie To Dad - 'Don't Lie To Your Dad': Does Father's Prank Go Too Far?

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Darren came across this video of a dad reacting to his kid telling him someone at school scared him.

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Why did you forget me? Dad Don't Lie - a Dad blog out of Halifax taking an honest look at the journey through parenthood. You told me it was impossible. Baking with a toddler can be a little messy. Back then, towelling nappies were all we had before we could afford disposable diapers. Why do you hate me father? The boy luckily seems to be ok with the very odd prank his dad pulled on him, replying:

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Dad Don't Lie - a Dad blog out of Halifax taking an honest look at the journey through parenthood. - Phoenix hookup

Dont Lie To Dad

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Dad Don't Lie - a dad blog out of Halifax, Nova Scotia that takes an honest look at the journey through parenthood. One young boy was caught...