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Kink Men scene description Casey More is back and there's plenty more of him to go around since he became a personal trainer. He starts...

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Pulling his cock out, Brenner begins sucking Casey off, who puts his hand on the back of Brenner's head and pushes him down further onto his dick. After the fight, the domination continues on into the bathroom where the loser has to suck and fuck through a glory hole before being dragged off to the urinals for a final fuck.

Zak marvels at his cock, imagining what it would feel like deep inside him, and falls to his knees to suck it off. Once we milk all the cum from his cock, we tickle the hell out of Casey as he screams for mercy. Chupando o personal - Sucking her personal Orange dating

Casey More is wager and there's plenteousness more of him to go in since he became a personal trainer. He starts turned in the lead with a blindfold over his eyes, his muscles bulging out of the bondage. Doesn't clasp much to discuss this horny stud going as we cut away his underwear and step down to work on his hard dick.

Once we dig him crazy with the hitachi's, Casey's tied down on the bed as we drive a dildo into his ass, his agonizing cock throbbing as we fuck his prostate. Casey flips over on his back to suffer with his feet worshipped before the prostate massager gets shoved up his ass. Once we wring all the cum from his cock, we tickle the hell out of Casey as he screams for forgiveness.

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As Brandon swallows the last of it, Casey decides perhaps this arrangement could work out after all. Midway through, he tells Zak to lay back as he demonstrates how he wants his dick sucked.

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  • Hot Bi Personal Trainer Begs to Edging Cum featuring anal,gay,dildo,bondage, domination,handjob,threesome. Photo number 15 from Hot bi personal trainer...
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  • Hot bi personal trainer begs to cum. Tags: anal · bdsm · fetish...

Van approaches with the crop and beats the stud red before pinching clothespins all down his torso. In a full suspension Casey gets the final gift of Connor's cock up his ass and his Master's load on his face. Puppy can suck his own dick, and does it live! Straight stud endures relentless edging tight bondage and tickle torment. Once we milk all the cum from his cock, we tickle the hell out of Casey as he screams for mercy.

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Hot Bi Personal Trainer Begs To Edging Cum

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