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Royale Men Com Samantha Who?: To each his own, but this ain't for me.

Chani Chavez: If she asks about your job. RUN RUN RUN

Mafalda F.: This is hypothetical, Indian men are the least preferred racial group in the west among women. LOL, when Indian girls in the US don't want to date Indian guys, why would a white one even bother?

Mike Miller: Poor Chinese food

Cupcakept: Do a what it's like to date a French woman.

Vanessa Myron: Is superman brazilian?

Erica Yeah: Do Finland please :D

Julia Zamora: Ather then that it was fine

Arthur131313: Wait that isn't the point of the video?

Neal Rafferty: They are all so dumb.can't even guess accents that are so blatant.

Mystic Crow: Still waiting for Korean girl video !

Yasin Torun: Thanks for the upload

Dojcubic: They removed the stars from the iraqi flag. get your shit togther.

Ich Bin: He's posing like he owns a mansion lol




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Facu Roldan: I realllyyy don't like French people in general. Of course not everyone is an asshole-

Ruphang Nalbo: When she has a russian accent ?

Lenilisi Lisi: The person speaking Polish should be excluded as they don't speak Polish at all. Random non-slavic speaker would read that text better than that lady. She should not be included in anymore videos as a Polish representation, this is very upsetting to see.

Claudia Arias: Portuguese here i come

Umar Mirzoev: I life in germany but I was raised russian so I am traditional russian and I love it. I want a russian boyfriend because I want to merry like russians do. I love everything about my country and I'm proud to be russian

Sexypeon: They picked the ugliest women, who cares what they think

Jayshri Patel: I love love love this channel ! But you guys paint Americans as something completely stereotyped and really far off. My family is not american, but I've lived here the majority of my life, and men aren't like that here. Maybe just the douchey fraternity guys, but other than that, they are normal and polite.

C Azevedo: Going to a stroll in the park? THEY DO THAT EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY/SATURDAY NIGHT! Planning to go somewhere? WHERE? No one's planning here, they could just crush and their friend's house without his approval that would be totally OK!

Anna Muljar: Swedish woman says If I was a guy in Sweden, personally I would be careful. I would probably ask Hey, I can pay or do you want to split it? in the beginning. Then in the end she says; They don't dare to say no. I'm paying! when she asked if she would pay for the guy and if the guy let her do. So, the guy must gently ask, but not the woman?

Lilly Pad: What the hell was that?

Ademito Eae: So basically Russian women are perfect!

P0r0men0s95: I really want to date a canadian man now.

DJ Frozen: Im dying, the Irish guy sounds so sarcastic to me LMAO

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