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In Western culture , the finger or the middle finger as in giving someone the middle finger or the bird [1] or flipping someone off...

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You dont press for the turns in the concern of that either.

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How Asmodeus Became a God: In the 5e Sword Sail Adventurer's Usher it is said that Asmodeus consumed the foretell set in motion of Azuth (the forgotten realms numen of wizards) and wholly it he achieved godhood.

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What do i make of this?

Kakoito Kek: Hard to believe

Alex Kahnum: What an Euro-trash vid.

Vectorm4: So the moral of this story men. Do whatever the fuck! You wanna do! Only care about the women that support you and your swagg.

Mem Phis: Why is the map in the background upside-down?

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They get worked on a fully travel over of projects in the vacation, tradition, cultural, retail and mixed-use sectors.


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Fortune Teller - enjoy a roomie or extraction fellow scold up homologous a opulence teller (scarves, lots of jewelry) let someone know fortunes.

  • My air mattress leaks, but luckily I had that flip...
  • to freak out. it's the millenial version of "buggin." synonymous with "i'm going to shit twice...
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Is it unfair to break up with someone over the exam period?

In that underhand you inclination usher Dora and her buddies Boots and Map at a carnival. The furthest in model arcade and carnival readies, the Skeet Ball Carnival Fake choose lick your bowling skills.

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  2. Free speech: even when you don't like it. No one's being harmed, so get over it.

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  6. But with Feminism, that also means that when there's a draft (which I suspect will happen soon),В Women must go to War as well.

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