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Getting Familiar Cody Cummings Campbell Stevens

A nice ass pounding for John followed! This usually means sleeping past 6 in the morning. Cody is such a lucky dog. Connor pulls out and adds to the sperm cocktail with a massive cumshot that he clearly had been saving for a while.

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He throws the young hunk over a table to smack and lick his hole. Rusty Stevens Y Ty Cold When Cody hears the door open and Connor quickly enters he realizes that he is busted, but rather than react with any sort of malice or outrage, Connor instead seems completely at ease, walking over to Darcy and kissing her full on the lips. Taking him throat deep now, Cody swells to maximum proportion, ready to burst as he explodes all over her while Connor continues to fuck her.

They collapse onto the bed, where Connor begins to give Cody head while Darcy puts his dick in her mouth.

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