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Rapidly organized outrage, online condemnation and protests have made the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis reconsider installation of a two-story gallows structure based, in part,...

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Dakota Tugging Erect Dick

I know that affected her all of her life. Prompted by the outpouring of community feedback, the artist Sam Durant is open to many outcomes including the removal of the sculpture. Dakota War to the execution gallows of Saddam Hussein. Peanut Has Indigenous Roots. It was people whose relatives walked up the stairs of those gallows, singing together. Aug 15 New Comment. Their ancestors were the ones pulling the lever and buying commemorative postcards of lynchings, not the ones swinging.

In her City Pages column, Fairbanks is doubtful more education will help. Jul 9, New Comment. They cannot understand the hurt we feel. Nov 30, New Comment. Peanut Has Indigenous Roots. Hartford singles

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Iskander has sent a note to the Council.

News Maven Home Archive Rapidly organized outrage, online condemnation and protests have made the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis reconsider installation of a two-story gallows structure based, in part, on the hanging of 38 Dakota men in Mankato, Minnesota. Intentionally or not, the idea that this horrific history of the Dakota people, embodied in a re-creation of the infamous mass gallows originally erected a mere 80 miles to the south, would stand in the area along with a giant spoon holding a cherry, an oversized blue rooster and mini-golf course rubbed salt into a year-old wound.

Still, Dakota elders already are planning, yet again, how to help educate non-Natives whose ancestors may have caused such a painful history and, yet again, how to help heal their own Dakota community from fresh wounds. I should have reached out to the Dakota community the moment I knew that the sculpture would be exhibited at the Walker Art Center in proximity to Mankato.

Protests started last Friday, May 26, outside the fence surrounding the closed sculpture garden, awaiting what was to be its June 3 grand reopening.

Their ancestors were the ones pulling the lever and buying commemorative postcards of lynchings, not the ones swinging.

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