Wanking With My Best Bro - Did you ever wank with your Brother?

We never use to until recently. Hes comes round and jacked off with me - while we watch porn. He knows im bi.

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Ich Bin: What about Bangla/Bengali?

Rahuley Shar: She is one of the ugliest aussie lass i have ever seen .

Leila Leal: Can you do this but with some latin-american to see if they can recognize other accent?

Greatmcwhite: Can you do about swiss men/women ?

Jaze Bordeaux: As a dutch/Surinamese person I will tell you this.

Dnp Trash#1: I'd say every woman

Targarynka: That is if I ever get to date Russian female.

Mizumi Hemote: Ok but I'm still waiting to hear polish

He had come on holiday with my family and had just got engaged to my Sister a week or two previous. Yup, showed my brother how to wank off. Then it shot this white cream in the air keep rubbing don't stop he said. So in went my hand right in the top of his briefs. We both witnessed the other in the dark at night as there was not much privacy in the shared bedroom.

I never masturbated with my older brother! There were a few occasions when we jerked off together.

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Wanking With My Best Bro

Both of us were just wearing jockey shorts and tee shirts. Then he said rub it, he showed me how to hold it upright and to rub up and down. He came a few seconds later and I wasn't far behind. He came to bed later then I had too. When he touched my penis the touch felt so good. We wanked all the time, either just casually or having contests haha.

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