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The Ohio State University. I have a family member who is a police officer in another state. As part of the...

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Justin Meeks: All of our languages are beautiful and have sex appeal. only difference is in the ability of the speaker to enunciate and infuse their words with passion.

ZimThuet: I really find this guy super cute.

Ken Shiro: What would they think of a pro poker player? Let's say he makes a lot of money would they be fine with that?

Ilovecorn97: Can you do Swedish women next?

X Y G L X X I: Wanting to make out in public? Interested in talking about politics? Seriously folks. I'm German and I call major bullshit.

Catguy00: Guy: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Atila DoДџan: When will any balkan related video come

Danda Panda: The Serbian one is so bad at serbian, it made me laugh so much. Was it that hard to find someone who knows the language? XD

Chad Hero: Filipina here. all true haha

Mag Soccer20: All the negatives in one video. Not good

MichГ _: Haha omg so true

Ana Bigu: I hate to say but all of them are so true .

Men Masterbating With Other Men
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