Straight Muscular Guy Plays With Himself - Reported Effects of Masculine Ideals on Gay Men

This exploratory study used consensual qualitative research methodology Hill et al. Written responses were collected from self-identified gay men in the U. Findings...

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The raters then convened as a team to present their suggestions for categorizing the data. Sex typing and the perception of body outline. Method of psychological assessment, self-disclosure, and experiential differences: Convergent, discriminant, and concurrent validity. Gender Role Conflict Scale: Consequently, gay men who present in a clinical setting with disordered eating or dissatisfaction with their body may have internalized this objectified perspective that is perpetuated by other men and traditional masculine ideals.

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Participants had to self-identify as gay, they had to be at least 18 years of age, they had to be U. Results Table 1 shows the frequency of cases for the categories generated from the six questions. Given that masculinity seems to be important to many gay men, psychologists may encounter gay men in session whose presenting concerns may be tied to masculine ideals in the U.

Doctoral dissertation, University of North Texas. Limitations This study was exploratory in nature and any conclusions taken from this should be done with caution. How do lay people weight information about instrumentality, expressiveness, and gender-typed hobbies when judging masculinity-femininity in themselves, best friends, and strangers?

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