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Daffxter: The Greek girl and the Estonian guy are just perfect

Tanya Wang: I am French and I understood like two words of what she said

Imorrible: Absolute bollocks u cunts*

SparkzMxzXZ: I'm from Norway, and I actually find my own country pretty fascinating when it comes to personal boundaries. Cause if you're for example on a bus by yourself people will find it uncomfortable if you sit down on the seat next to them, however on dates or with close friends most Norwegians almost no boundaries whatsoever

Nike Tsumi: That's why I am going to live in Montreal

Chelsae Lin: That i like Russians girls is that they aren't Femenists and all that fucking shit blyat

Im Batman: All dislikers are trump followers .

Luisa Dameao: I love to listen to korean guys.and British too.*-*

Love Yourself: I would never ever date a Spanish girl. Spain is destroyed due to feminism and laws against all men.

Rankytheskate: I can not call her mami. My current colombian gf hated that when I used it on our snapchat.

Tiramisu: Oh no, I am vegan.

Chava IXI: A Black Man has to deal with the worst when it comes with dealing with his own race, and Women from other Races would date a White Man before they would even consider dating a Black Man, and if a Man is Black Mixed with a Foreign Race, it's harder to find any Woman, even a Black Woman.

I'm becoming demanding now.... is it that terrible?

Rai Key: Could you please do Bavarian Man next? :)

Arwin 2000: Im from Trinidad

Ticklishant: WOOOW! I would really like to marry an Italian lady. Do an Italian ladies date a Serbian gentlemen? I need to know do I have a chance. :P

Luana B: When they know that I'm from Saudi Arabia, they think that I'm a rich gay terrorist guy. xD

Polly Amelia: Sometime i get hungry in car its true so traffic ahaha, i prefear motorbike in Rome.

TaMo Oliveira: Why French people hate Paris?

Beast MK: Are eastern european woman all hot or something

Archie Dyer: All those questions at the beginning.must be an Indian chick thing too.

Kelo Gii: Must be a Canadian, he was backing the Maple Leafs!

Buddy Jesus: As someone engaged to a woman who's from Russia.this is pretty spot on.

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