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Sam Raj G: Dating in LA is like everything in LA: FAKE and superficial.

Norahungary: Voglio un ragazzo francese, ora

Varv Hodgson: I love to see dating someone from the United Arab Emirates Specifically Dubai )

KarA 20: Having said that, French Canadians speak better english than the French who usually suck in foreign languages.

Balkan Honor: Sehr gut. Alles richtig!

Maria Cry: When there is Arsenic in your drink.

Gefahr Krieg: If this is true, i think I love Deutsche Frauen.

John Black: Lips, dark eyes and dark hair. All East African women are beautiful

Mem Phis: Colombian accent is the best one

Onthearth1: You know u r dating a'.is the best series by DBB.

Blossompure: Do hungarian please :)

Layana Ruiz: No, it's a comedy :)

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Big Hairy Muscle Gay

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Vale had invitationed our son Matts.


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Vito Scaletta: Es verdad, no se confundan.

Cazador J: Brasileiros falam cantando!

Chloe Yim: Does anyone knows the song at 55 ?

Perspectives: Italian. No doubt.

FadedDesigns: That girl is so hot ! damn

Iggy Peters: The most things are bullshit

Amanda Speaks: When are you doing dating an Australian?

CosmosTV: The title should be You Know You are Dating a parisian Woman When.


Unyq Taclan: Spanish women are gorgeous 3

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